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Sexuality: Reuben Liversidge's hair.

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if you can you should probably go to a hospital? sometimes burns can be worse than they look :)
yuutfa replied to your post“yuutfa replied to your post:It’s times like these I’m glad of my very…”
I hope you’re okay ; A ; ! Ice packs and cold compresses ;;;;
I iced my tongue and put a couple of wet flannels on the other ones, seems to have helped! My face only hurts a tiny bit and you can’t see where the redness was and my chest only has a couple of small marks now. I’ll live! :D
What happened? o n o ?

Burned my finger while using a cup to get some water out, long story, and I jumped and it went all over me. My face is fine, just stinging a bit, but my chest HURTS and I’ve also burned my tongue because I had my mouth open from saying “fuck!” when I burned my finger…

two-dollar-billie - these are my shoes. I feel like we took a picture similar to this once… :P

It’s times like these I’m glad of my very tough skin - boiling water to the face and chest, and only slight redness.

Sunday will be me vs. front tuck, then maybe me vs. front handspring if I have time after bars/beam/vault. It irritates me that I’m so-nearly-there and then if I’m not being spotted I suddenly can’t do them. Whatever that tiny bit of spotting is, is where the problem lies. I’m going to do all the boring progressions for the tuck and then ask for help and I’m going to land it on Sunday whether it wants me to or not.

Maybe it’s because I’ve still got a long way to go with gymnastics until I’m doing big stuff, but dance takes it out of me so much more *dead*

I wasn’t going to compete in November…

…but I think I might. I will have moved gyms (and houses!) the week before, so would have to fly back up here for the competition and would have to do my last two or three training sessions at the new gym (they don’t go to this competition, so there won’t be a conflict).

IDK, I guess I’m just a bit worried about gymnastics in general at the moment. I know I want to start training more seriously once I move and I don’t really want to give a mediocre performance right when I’m supposed to be trying to get people to take me seriously, but at the same time I was actually nervous last comp and I don’t get nervous in performance-type situations so I feel like I need to get over that.

I also don’t think we’d have a coach out on the floor and I hated that last time. As an example, I don’t really want anyone touching the vault springboard except me, but I really really hated someone else’s coach moving it for me. I didn’t even have anyone to hold up my number because the other people from my gym were in another group. I had no one to cheer me on from the viewing area, either, so I felt kind of alone.

I guess I just wish I could move right now and get to the new gym and maybe feel at least a bit supported?