Turk. 25. Writer, actor, dancer, troublemaker.

Favourite things: male Russian gymnasts (especially David, Igor, Emin & Nikolai), and... nope, just that.

Sexuality: Reuben Liversidge's hair.

Current fandoms include: One Direction, The Thick Of It, Bluestone 42, The Smoke, The Brittas Empire, Sherlock, Star Trek, Ultimate Force, Avengers, British panel shows & stand-up, Merlin, Gary: Tank Commander, Round The Twist, Miranda, and many more.

I do most styles of dance, as well as teaching them (IDTA qualified!). I also compete in artistic gymnastics (women's four-piece)


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This would really help me with a research project I’m starting.


I should finish my second book and get it out, so I can legitimately write crossover fic where:

  • Monty is a gymnast who retires because he can’t afford to train
  • he joins the army, eventually gets injured and honourably discharged and decides to make a comeback
  • he trains with his BFF, Lenny (who you’ll know from book 1), who is now a coach
  • then uses his dual citizenship to get the Russian team to take him when the Brits are unsure
  • he looks ridiculous amongst the Russian team because he’s far too tall to be that good at gymnastics (6ft)
  • Lenny somehow gets to go with him to Russia and be his coach for the first few weeks til he settles in
  • and then Lenny leaves and Monty has trouble adjusting to not having him
  • and he has PTSD issues anyway but they get worse for a while
  • in amongst that, someone finds out Monty is gay
  • but they don’t tell anyone because the threat of telling someone is more useful - at least, that’s what Monty thinks they’re doing
  • but it’s actually because they’re gay too
  • and eventually, angry shouting turns into angry sex in the gym one night when it’s just the two of them

These are the things I think about when I’m supposed to be doing important things.

Me: If I ever get published, I'm going to write fanfiction for my own books

Me: And then reviewers will be like, "Omg that's totally out of canon."

Me: And I'll be like, "Bitch, I am the canon."

To ease myself into it, and to try and get a handle on the guilt, I’m going to write a different gymnastics RPF fic first. Just one gymnast. The plot works for any male gymnast, I just have to choose. Scared.

This never gets old - Valeri Liukin being utterly ridiculous.