Turk. 26. Writer, actor, dancer, gymnast, troublemaker.

Sexuality: Reuben Liversidge's hair.

Current fandoms include: One Direction, The Thick Of It, Bluestone 42, artistic gymnastics (MAG & WAG) The Smoke, The Brittas Empire, Sherlock, Star Trek, Ultimate Force, Avengers, British panel shows & stand-up, Merlin, Gary: Tank Commander, Round The Twist, Miranda, and many more.

I do most styles of dance, as well as teaching them (IDTA qualified!). I also compete in artistic gymnastics (women's four-piece)



I feel like a large percentage of the Sherlock fandom who mostly know Andrew Scott as ‘Jim Moriarty’ and from the occasional interview where he’s all shy and nervous and fidgety think that he’s a really innocent sweet little cupcake all the time

but Scotties know






Catching you up on McKayla, Gymnastike and the gymternet being awesome.



Good Morning!

So if you weren’t around last night, this is an explanation of last night’s drama. If you were around, feel free to send this link to the 9000 people who will inevitably ask you what the fuck happened.

On Saturday afternoon a “master list” of celebrities’ nude photos was released…

This is sickening. Just unfollowed and boycotting. Make sure to check your Twitter’s and Facebook because you may have linked the accounts to Gymnastike in order to comment on their pages!

Regiment 14: War & Cake

The problem with leaving your home planet in search of a new one is that other countries tend to take it personally. They can feel a little bit like you’re running away from them because you don’t like the way they’re firing nukes at anyone who disagrees with them, and they can hold quite the grudge over it.

Almost seven hundred years’ worth of a grudge, as it turns out.

As well as keeping the peace in our little corner of the galaxy, we have to deal with training, research missions, anti-terrorism ops and the somewhat tricky task of keeping our use of magic a secret from our enemies. Oh, and of course, getting our First Platoon to stop arguing about cake long enough to get any work done.

"War & Cake" is the first novel in the Regiment 14 series.

What do you mean, you haven’t read my book yet? Have a word with yourself, then get over to the website and buy it!

"Somebody said to me, ‘You’ll never be in a film as successful as Harry Potter.’
“I said ‘You’re right, but neither will anyone else.’”

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[ ❀ ] meet the blogger:

name: Turk
height: 5’3 (though possibly still growing despite being 26…)
eye color: grey
birthday:  11th July
favorite color: blue
best school subject(s): music
current shirt color: red
day or night: night
religion: none
sexual orientation: Reuben Liversidge’s hair
single or taken: single
celebrity crush: Igor Pakhomenko, Jay Thompson, David Belyavskiy, Jacklyn Francis, Holly Earl, Michael Stevenson
coffee or tea: neither - you’ll find me glued to a can of diet Pepsi, though!
favorite food: chicken, cucumber, watermelon, potatoes, chocolate

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